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Wines and Wineries


Typical wines of the Val d’Alpone

The Val d’Alpone is located in the eastern part of Verona hills and stretches all he way to the border with the province of Vicenza, an area strongly characterized by the presence of fine white and red grape varieties.
There are many wineries that take advantage of the rich volcanic soil of this geographical region as a source of nourishment for their vines. Among all those produced, three are the wine excellences of Lessinia:

  • Durello
  • Soave
  • Recioto

Durello is a low-alcohol white wine with a fresh and sustained flavor. Although little known, its grapes are thought to have been cultivated in this area since ancient times. Indeed, fossil evidence of an ancestor of this plant has been found. The grapes of the Durello vine are rather firm, stocky and straw-yellow in color. They are used to produce smooth wine, but especially to make the typical sparkling wines of the Lessini Mountains, ideal for aperitifs or to accompany appetizers.

In the severals cellars of the area it is possible to taste some local products of excellent quality, such as the Durello of the Val d'Alpone, or the red wines of the neighboring Val d'Illasi, the Soave, or the Amarone.

Calice di bianco Soave della Val d'Alpone con vigne sullo sfondo

Another white wine found throughout the area is Soave, with a delicate and harmonious taste. Its versatility makes it perfect in combination with meat, fish, local and international cuisines.

Lessinia and nearby Valpollicella are also home to the little-known Recioto, a very old red grape wine, father of the more famous Amarone. Like the latter, Recioto is a DOCG wine, but the flavor is much sweeter and fruitier, perfect for pairing with desserts (especially chocolate) and with cheese selections, especially if aged.

Wine tours or tastings: where to go

Casa Maria is surrounded by the green hills of cherry trees and vines, so by staying in our guesthouse you can easily reach wineries and farms that offer wine tastings or guided tours that show the whole process of production of local wines, ending with a tasting.

We recommend you to have this wine experience at one of these wineries:

In San Giovanni Ilarione:

  • Maltraversi;
  • Marcazzan Fabio winery;
  • Daniele Piccinin;
  • La Pietra Nera;

In the valley:

  • Ca’ Rugate;
  • Soave Winery;
  • Gini Farm;
  • Graziano Prà farm;
  • Rocca Sveva;
  • Corte Farm;
  • Moschina;
  • Gianni Tessari.
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