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Gastronomy of the area


What to eat in Val d’Alpone

From homemade to gourmet culinary proposals, the Val d’Alpone is an area with a strong gastronomic tradition, capable of surprising even the most refined palates. If you have decided to visit this area, we recommend you to taste the typical dishes and specialties of this land to delight your heart and appetite.

The valleys are full of chestnut and cherry trees, used in many preparations both sweet and savory. Throughout the area there is also a strong presence of cheese factories and farms for the production of Monte Veronese DOP. This cheese is characterized by a delicate flavor, reminiscent of freshly milked milk.

Traditional menus of the area include Sopressa, a typical salami of Vicenza, often paired with Polenta, in both soft and toasted versions. Characteristic of the area are plates of cured meats, along with Monte Veronese DOP and Imbriago cheese, a typical PAT-certified product, which is left to mature with must or red wine.
In many restaurants it is easy to find Polenta also paired with cod, or “polenta e scopetòn” (the traditional peasant dish of polenta flavored with anchovies, herring or sardines).

Moving on to the first courses, you cannot miss the famous bigoli, seasoned with a wide variety of sauces, both meat and fish. You will also find different types of risotto, such as risotto with radicchio and Monte Veronese cheese, or the famous “risotto al tastasal”, creamed with minced pork, butter and meat broth.

Pearà sauce is a sauce made with marrow and breadcrumbs, typical of the Christmas season. It is used as a condiment on many types of meat, including boiled meat. It is definitely the right choice if you are looking for a traditional main course!

Among the desserts, in addition to those made with chestnut flour, or filled with cherry jam, not to be missed is the torta putana. It is a poor and simple dessert of the peasant tradition, made with stale bread filled with pine nuts and raisins and flavored with lemon or orange.

Where to eat

Around Casa Maria you’ll find plenty of restaurants, pizzerias and agritourisms where you can try typical local dishes. Here are the ones suggested by our family:

Recommended farmhouses: La Frasca, Pietra Nera and Camin
Recommended restaurants: Hosteria del Durello, Zoccante, Adele
Recommended pizzerias: Ciroli, Tavernetta
Recommended restaurants/pizzerias: Bice, Ruota, Suan, Baita Cerato