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Lessinia: things to see
near Casa Maria

The charm of Val d’Alpone

Thanks to the strategic position of Casa Maria Rooms, located in the middle of Val D’Alpone and at the eastern foot of Lessinia, our guests can enjoy the picturesque hills and the surrounding panorama throughout the year.
The Guesthouse is 5 minutes’ drive from the center of San Giovanni Ilarione, a town crossed by the river Alpone. It is precisely from this river that the lush surrounding valley takes its name. San Giovanni Ilarione occupies an area of 25 square km and its inhabitants are called “Ilarionesi”.


Some of the traditional foods of Val d’Alpone:

  • Monte Veronese DOP cheese
  • Imbriagone cheese
  • Risotto with radish and Monte Veronese cheese
  • Boiled meat with pearà sauce
  • Risotto al Tastasal
  • Soppressa (typical salami)
  • Polenta e Scopetòn
  • Bigoli

Wines and Cellars

The severals wineries of the area also offer the opportunity to taste the excellent local products, such as the Durello of Val d’Alpone, or the red wines of the neighboring Val d’Illasi, the Soave, or the Amarone, typical products of the province of Verona.

Museums and Monuments

  • COLUMNARY BASALT: On the left side of the Alpone Valley, in S. Giovanni Ilarione there is a rock that looks like an enormous beehive. Instead, it is the imposing structure of columnar basalts, formed in Oligocene volcanism.
  • VILLA TANARA: The building, located in Boarie area is an ancient structure of 1600.

Sports Activities

  • Trekking/hiking
  • Bicycle
  • Ski
  • Mountain Bike

The plateau of the Lessini Mountains stretches from the Adige Valley to the foot of the Little Dolomites. It includes the Lessinia Regional Natural Park, a real gem in terms of nature and excursions.
Val d’Alpone is located in the easternmost part of Lessini Mountains, a lush and green land dedicated to pasture and agriculture since ancient times. Lessinia extends north to the Venetian Prealps, with predominantly shaded woods and waterways that narrow down gradually descending the valley. Here you will find yourself surrounded by cultivations of vines and cherry trees. On the other hand, the southwest area of the city is characterized by the presence of olive trees and shrubs such as butcher’s broom, scotano and asparagus.

Apart from enchanting landscapes and unspoiled regenerating nature, Lessinia is very famous also for some products of its territory. Beautiful chestnut woods grow on the slopes of Mount Calvarina, the fruits of which sustain the local economy.

The harvesting of chestnuts is a very ancient tradition. It also inspired, since the early 1900s, the organization of the annual festival of chestnuts, a still nowadays very beloved manifestation that takes place during the autumn months. Moreover, countless are the native vine of white grapes from which Durello is produced. This famous wine is served in numerous wineries as a white or sparkling wine in accompaniment to chestnuts or typical local dishes.

To the west, the town is protected by Mount Calvarina. In prehistory, the mountain was a large volcanic complex, together with Mount Crocetta. For this reason, the area is rich in volcanic rock conformations. In addition to basalt columns of San Giovanni Ilarione, considered unique and rare geological findings, the site is regarded as one of the most important also for the presence of fossils. Just 10 km from the town you can visit the Fossil Museum of Bolca, with its extensive collection of finds, and the quarry where you can participate in the extraction of small fossil remains.