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Sports activities


Sports and outdoor activities in Val d’Alpone

The small town of San Giovanni Ilarione is located in the eastern part of the province of Verona, Val d’Alpone, and it is approximately 3 km from Guest House Casa Maria. It is an area to be discovered, in which to get lost among gentle ridges and vast panoramas on foot, riding a mountain bike or walking on horseback during the beautiful summer. It is in this season, in fact, that Lessinia, an immense regional nature park of 10,000 hectares, gives the many tourists and inhabitants of the area unforgettable emotions and experiences to live.

In summer, people reach the Veronese hills to escape the torrid heat of the big cities and enjoy long walks, bike or horseback rides immersed in nature, stopping at one of the many “malghe” (mountain huts) that one encounters along the trails and recovering their energy in front of a good “tagliere” (plate of cured meat and cheese) or “gnocchetti di malga” (small dumplings), typical of Lessinia, perhaps accompanied by a delicious Durello or a fine Soave. In winter, the same hills are covered with a white snow, offering, thus, the possibility of practicing winter sports, such as skiing, or simpler activities, such as a snowshoe hike among friends.

Sports in Lessinia: list of activities to do

The sports activities offered by the Lessinia Regional Park are so numerous that allow you to grasp all the secrets of the nature of the Val D’Alpone. What to do then on vacation in Lessinia?

In summer:

Hiking – Trekking – Hiking: breathtaking trails to explore, suitable both for those who want to take a simple walk (hiking) and for those who want to tackle more challenging routes (trekking). Suggested routes: walk of the seven volcanoes, river wave, walk Church of Santa Caterina – Castle of San Giovanni Ilarione.

Mountain-Bike: there is plenty of choice of routes dedicated to cycling lovers, who will be happy to lose themselves among forests, districts and picturesque mountain pastures. There are also routes for families and children, who will sparkle with joy in front of the grazing animals;

Paragliding and hang gliding: flying and seeing the Veronese landscape from another perspective is an experience that is hard to imagine unless you try it. There are several associations that offer this opportunity to get to know the wonderful Lessinia territories from a different point of view;

Horseback riding: the riding stables spread over the area allow you to explore the quietness of nature together with the horses. You can also try the so-called western riding, the typical riding of American cowboys.


Nordic (cross-country) skiing: for lovers of narrow skis, the slopes along the Lessinia Plateau offer spectacular views, which can also be skated;

Snow kiting: large traction kites are used to do big jumps and acrobatics on the snow, using the force of the wind; 

Snowshoeing: these are hiking activities on snowy environments that involve the use of snowshoes, a tool that is worn directly on your shoes and allows you to move easily on foot on fresh snow. An exciting adventure in close contact with nature, immersed in the silence of the woods.