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Stay offer for fossil lovers

Casa Maria
fossile di un pesce

Stay offer for fossil lovers

Discovering the fossils of Bolca

Spend two exciting days in the name of prehistory and visit one of the largest fossil deposits in the world.

Stay in Lessinia in search of fossils

Have you always wanted to be a paleontologist? Are you interested in prehistory and love to spend your free time in nature? This offer is designed just for you!
Stay at Casa Maria Affittacamere and spend two days in touch with nature, not far from the main cities of Veneto and one of the most important fossil deposits in the world.
In addition to the fossils show inside the museum, you can venture along the paleontological trails around Mount Postale and Pesciara, an area reach in artifacts with the presence of countless fossil fish specimens. Once you reach the place, you can not only see them, but also extract them directly from the cave with a hammer, gloves and goggles, to experience a 360-degree adventure in prehistory.

Details of the offer

  • 1 night at the guesthouse Casa Maria
  • welcome drink
  • breakfast
  • visit to the Museum of Fossils of Bolca
  • guided tour of the underground galleries of Pesciara
  • fossil search and preparation

Pesciara opening: from March to October (2 to 5 p.m.)
In August: every day (2 to 6 p.m.)
Languages: Italian or English
Package cost: €120 per couple

Pesce fossile
Estrazione di fossili

The fossil museum is located in Bolca, a hamlet in the Verona province that lies at the easternmost point of the Lessinia Regional Natural Park. This place is known in Italy and around the world for its abundance of fossil finds, including fish and plants of more than 250 different species. The area, during the Eocene (about 50 million years ago) was a tropical zone completely covered by the sea and subject to volcanic eruptions and frequent tectonic movements. All these factors helped facilitate the formation and preservation of the fossils that we can admire today in perfect condition.

The museum is less than a 15 min drive from our family-run facility where you can stay overnight and conveniently reach all the focal points of the area.